The Inumerable Questions

What is your goal in life?

  • Is it to be the best at everything?
  • Is it to have an insane amount of friends and followers?
  • Is it to find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
  • Is it to precede your every action with the famous phrase: YOLO?

Whatever you think your goal is, I believe it can be generalized to searching for happiness. We all strive for different things, but when it comes down to it, we all want to feel happy.

I have realized, over my few years of existence, that you may doubt everything in life; even your own existence! What if you are in fact a robot? What if you are a program and only follow a line of code without knowing it; living a life predetermined by somebody else? We can question everything we want, even if there exists an incredible amount of evidence that proves the contrary.

I am not saying that I disagree with Descartes who wrote: Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am. What I am trying to say is: Who gives a shit? The real questions you should ask yourself are the following:

Can I feel happiness? Yes (hopefully)
Isn’t feeling happy the best? Yes (hopefully)
What brings me happiness? Eating ice cream
Should I maybe do that more often? No shit

Then put aside your unceasing doubts, your complete denial and your creeping depression and embark on the best journey of your life: Finding your own happiness.

***It may not be as simple as that and I will go into further detail about all these aspects in this series. For example, you should not eat an infinite amount of ice cream to gain an infinite amount of happiness because everything can have drawbacks. In this example, you would likely die and therefore not be happy anymore. You could also become obese and not like the way that you look anymore. Therefore, blaming ice cream for this newfound problem. Consequently, never enjoying the sugary cold taste of this dessert anymore. This is an example of how your quest for happiness may evolve over time and experience.***

My goal in this series of posts is to make you understand how simple it is to disregard all the negativity in your lives and focus on the things that make you happy.

***Note for all the naysayers out there. I generalize happiness. For me, happiness is found whenever you feel a small tingle inside, an excitement that was hidden from you. Happiness is found when a smile creeps up on your face and curls up the corners of your lips. It is uncontrollable. Love, accomplishment, pride, fun, passion… they are all things that make you feel happy. They are all the things we should strive for in our lives and they are unique for everyone.***


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I was a student for most my life. I lost my purpose in life when I finally received my bachelor's degree in Psychology. I had no Idea what to do next. I became a teacher and fell in love with educating people. Helping them choose the right path. However, I could not say everything I wanted to. I had to follow guidelines... restrictions. I decided to start this blog as way of expressing myself. An outlet for my thoughts. To help the world without any limitations. For those who were wondering. My tag is Turdalicious for the following reasons. 1. I find it hilarious (yes I am still immature at times). 2. My name is David Turmel. On a Canadian medical card, they take the first 3 letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name to make your code. Hence, Turd for me. It was my nickname for a while. I embraced it and added upon it to make it funnier.

5 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. Thanks for writing… This is interesting. I think it’s very true that many of the things that make us happy only do so because we enjoy them in small amounts. They are “rare treats”. If we indulged all the time… Then I guess we would be talking about addictive behaviour, which can’t lead to happiness.

    Thre is an amazing book clalled “Happiness – A guide to developing life’s most important skill” by Matthieu Ricard that you might enjoy. The author is a Buddist monk, it’s fascinating.

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  2. I would say that I am in constant pursuit of happiness and I find it in the strangest of places. At a recent mental health assessment I was sent to an activity centre for over 50’s. I cast aside my negative thoughts and signed up for a year’s membership. It is one of the best things I ever did. The people are interesting, lively, friendly and very positive. They have taken me into their group and helped me learn to express myself and make friends. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

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    1. That’s amazing! You should honestly spend as much time doing what you enjoy, what makes you smile. Thank you for encouraging me to write this series. Hopefully it will help people do as you did: Conquer negativity. Good luck to you.


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