The Magician


The street was barred by a mass of people. My first thought, egotistical as it may sound: Damn, I’m gonna be late again. I never bothered to wonder why this mass had gathered. I simply hated them for depriving me of my normal routine.

I pushed and shoved through the crowd. They clamored and cheered, barely noticing the angry man amidst them. I finally dug through them and viewed what entertained them so.

He stood tall, wearing a classical black tuxedo enriched with a dark bow-tie. His charisma was mesmerizing. He performed a magic trick, then another, and then another. Time stopped. He had caught my undivided attention. His hands and his mouth told a story to captivate his audience. Conversely, his eyes told another.

What is the future of a man that has fulfilled his dreams?  Most kids dream of becoming a magician and this showman had become one of the finest. Well known and rich; what else could he reach for, strive for. What happens once we’ve accomplished all our goals? This man must be the saddest among all of us, yet his eyes showed no sign of sorrow. They glimmered with… hope?

Then, as if to answer my unending questions, he showed me what he had chosen to do with his life. He pointed to someone in the crowd. A young kid advanced eagerly to meet him. The magician gave him one of his deck of cards. He whispered in the child’s ears. He told him how to perform one of his tricks. A smile grew on his face. It spread. It was contagious. I had never seen such jubilation in a child before. The crowd cheered and applauded. I heard a sound come from my lower body: “clap” “clap”. There I stood. The angry man, clapping, smiling… happy.

If you’ve accomplished your goals and think that you’ve completed your journey. Do not despair. Do not stop searching. You can always find solace in generating happiness around you, in helping others achieve their own dreams.



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I was a student for most my life. I lost my purpose in life when I finally received my bachelor's degree in Psychology. I had no Idea what to do next. I became a teacher and fell in love with educating people. Helping them choose the right path. However, I could not say everything I wanted to. I had to follow guidelines... restrictions. I decided to start this blog as way of expressing myself. An outlet for my thoughts. To help the world without any limitations. For those who were wondering. My tag is Turdalicious for the following reasons. 1. I find it hilarious (yes I am still immature at times). 2. My name is David Turmel. On a Canadian medical card, they take the first 3 letters of your last name and the first letter of your first name to make your code. Hence, Turd for me. It was my nickname for a while. I embraced it and added upon it to make it funnier.

3 thoughts on “The Magician”

  1. This was certainly thought provoking for me. You were angry but I would not describe you as an angry man. You picture shows a lovely smiling man. I saw a television programme once about the magician Dynamo. When I watched him the first thing I noticed was an overwhelming sense of sadness about him. His beautiful eyes betrayed him right away. Then this strangely charismatic guy gave an interview and it turns out his life has not been easy and was severely bullied early in his life. It just made me like him even more. Your story was captivating and like magic I was there with you. I am so glad the angry man clapped. I knew I was onto a winner.

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