A faint glow perceived from the light of an abandoned cabin. An open door, swaying slowly with the soft blowing wind.  A trail of bloody footsteps losing themselves in a thick fog. The sound of waves crashing on the shore, ever trying to break the grim silence that forever haunts this place.

The detective’s car arrives at the crime scene. Its lights are barely able to pierce the fog’s veil.

-Good morning Detective.

-Good morning Charles. Any updates?

-We did not find the body yet sir. Probably drowned.

-And the Murderer? Any signs of him? Any clues?

-No… unfortunately he didn’t… Sir? Is there something wrong with your consultant? Why is he crying?

– Goodwin! Are you okay? Do you need us to leave you alone, so you can do your thing?

-I can still feel her sadness… her pain. And all the others. It’s overwhelming. How can they…

-Everything’s gonna be alright Goodwin. We’ll catch him. We found his cabin, didn’t we? We’ll catch him before he hurts anybody else!

-Them… their cabin…

-What do you mean? He’s not alone?!

-She was strong; stronger than the others. She was a survivor. A believer. She hoped to see us before her light finally faded. But we were too late detective. The air around this cabin… it is filled with despair. I can taste her suffering… the wind carries soft whispers of her screams.

-What happened here!?

-She was a fighter. She would not let them kill her. She would not let them win. She unbound herself at the cost of much blood. Her pain was excruciating but she managed to run towards the water. She never stopped. She swam. She swallowed water and tasted led. Yet she pushed forward. She did not give up…

But her demons… They know how to swim.