Empathy… my gift… my curse.

I was the happiest kid on earth. My parents exerted incredible efforts to hide their sorrow from my immature eyes. I only knew their smiles. They concealed their tears and their anger from me. They were talented actors. I cherished the joy they showed me and the love they gave me. My parents simply wanted to protect their only child; whatever the consequences may bare. I grew up naive but happy; innocent but loved.

The moment they feared most finally came. They could not protect me anymore. They had to offer me to the clutches of society. I was horror struck by the chaos that unfolded before me. The screams, the rage, the tears… School haunted me for years.

I mostly kept to myself. I was the silent kid; the shy kid. I kept studying, not school subjects but people. Smiles became a rarity for me. All the kids played together while I stood alone. Friends.. a foreign concept for me. I was lonely. I felt sad, desperation slowly crept around me. It was engulfing me. Then he came.  The first of them. Out from the darkness, a light to show me the way. He held out a hand and invited me to play with him. He became my first friend. He showed me how to interact with other people. I still kept  mostly to myself. I kept analyzing but the fear of loneliness had vanished. He had saved me.

High school started. I had already matured at an incredible rate. I exercised everything I had learned from my surveillance of social interactions. I made many friends. We played together; our individual happiness amplified by that of the others. I had never felt such blissful joy. I relished in their jubilation. Every smile and every laugh I created radiated through me. I wanted to make everyone happy. I tried to extinguish everyone’s sadness by listening to them and helping them through their pain… By giving them love.

I quickly learned of all the suffering that existed in the world. War, hate, sorrow, for a time, they were all I perceived. I wanted to change the world. I had a special gift. A talent at understanding others. I could help them, the ones that suffered. I wanted to show people how easy it was to be happy. I could give them love. I thought it would solve everything. I thought it was going to be simple. I had ideas of grandeur. I wanted to be the next Jesus… the next Gandhi… the next savior.

Humanity needed a savior. And I tried to be what it needed. I concocted plans. I was a great visionary. Why stop myself at simply helping my friends and loved ones. However, I was young. A kid… and nobody listens to children. Why would they? How could a child know anything about life and its intricacies. How could a kid teach anything? My authority overruled by my age. If I could not save the masses, then I would have to find another solution. I resolved myself to help the world one person at a time. Helping people, one by one, to slowly save humanity from its sadness.

I helped others. I spread happiness. However, desolation was stronger than I could ever become. People kept asking more and more of me. Desperation was now the one that crept up around me. Its claws tearing through me, weakening my resolve. Dreams of failure haunting me. How could I ever save a world that did not want to be saved? My resolve was broken.

Then she appeared… Our salvation. A fallen angel who’s light radiated brighter than any sun. Possibly brilliant enough to burn away the shadows that grasped our world. Her glare could absolve any sin, her smile could cure any disease, her words could heal any wound, her touch… her simple touch could inspire love.

I stood aghast. Jealous, at first, of her incredible power. Then I saw it. My gift, my curse, it showed me what others blindly ignored. However formidable she seemed, she could not hide her doubt, her fear, her sadness from me. Her charisma was indisputable. She had the power to save masses at a time, but I could feel her strength was fading. Her resolve was withering, as mine had. She doubted herself. Anxiety ate at her. She feared what would happen if she failed. Her light was dimming.

By her simple presence, she gave me the most precious of gifts: Hope. She had renewed my resolve. I knew I could not save the world. Not yet. Not alone. But what if I helped the one who could. I vowed to protect this fallen angel. I vowed to make her smile, to make her smile, to never let her give up. I would give her hope as she had given me. I would fuel her wavering flame and together, we would save the world.

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The Teacher


His alarm rang loudly. Another weekend already over… Another damn Monday. He tried to appease his anxious mind by speaking to himself: “Only 42 school days left teaching to these ungrateful students! You can do it Dave! Summer vacation is right around the corner”. 

He drove off towards the school. Another day teaching pointless notions to evasive ears. The bell rang. Most of his students were late. Punishing them never solved the problem. Why start now. He simply endured. He began explaining a complicated math problem. A few kids listened intently. The ones that probably did not need to listen and would have good grades regardless. The others chattered among themselves, burying his voice beneath their own cacophony. He did not care anymore. 42 days left.

One of the students, Tommy Narchay, raised his hand and talked immediately. Surprising that he took the time to raise his hand if he’s simply going to impose his words upon us. The class fell silent. They respected this student more than the teacher. Damn Tommy.

– Why do we have to learn this useless shit. This is bull shit. How is this going to help us later on?

Every year, some student would ask this question. The question seemed late this year, but it did not surprise the teacher in the least. He quickly thought about what he would like to answer. School is simply an elaborate daycare. A way for the government to conform you to modern day life, entice you to follow rules and obey different authoritative figures, prepare you for 8 hour shifts. You will probably forget most of what the education system tries to teach you. And, yes, most of what you learn is pointless for any job you may have in the future. However, he decided to reply as he always did.

– You need your diploma if you want a good job. And the only way you’re going to get that piece of paper is by suffering through my class and all the others. You might think everything you learn here is pointless, but some of it might be useful for certain aspects of your life. You never know what might happen. That is why we try to prepare you to any eventuality. Furthermore, we try to teach you every subject we can in the hopes that one discipline might stimulate you more than the others. Our goal is to help you find your passion. A goal in life.

As it did every year, his speech commanded silence. Every student was mute… thoughtful. The teacher always relished in their pondering silence. Suddenly a loud Bang! broke his cherished tranquility. 

A gun shot echoed through the hallways. Nobody understood at first. Puzzled glares flickered everywhere until they all rested on the teacher; the authoritative figure. He felt betrayed by the education system once more. It kept asking more and more from him. He felt a rush of adrenaline overpower him. He had to act quickly. He spoke to his class.

– Everyone stay calm and quiet. This room must seem empty. Block the door as silently as you can and hide in the corner. The police will arrive shortly. Again, I need everyone to stay calm!

He was surprised at his own rapid initiative in this chaotic event. His countless meetings about school shootings had finally paid off. Students began slowly moving their desks towards the doors. However, before anyone could advance, Tommy stood up and screamed “fuck this shit, I’m out of here!”. He ran out the door before anybody could block it. Damn Tommy.

The teacher followed after him. Pleading him to stay with the others. Hoping the shooter was far away. He looked to his right. Tommy was standing still.. paralyzed. He was staring blankly… passed him. Damn. The teacher screamed: “Run Tommy!”. He spun around.


Everything went dark.


His alarm rang. It’s already over! Damn it. He drove to work, mumbling complaints all the way. He walked through the familiar hallways.

The bell rang. All the students looked up at him intently. They already respected him, but did he deserve this respect? He introduced himself and started teaching. A student lifted his hand lazily. The teacher gave him a simple nod, urging him to speak.

– Why do we need to learn this? This is never going to be useful! We’re wasting our time!

Already. First class! 

– What is your name son?
– Dave


– I am going to be entirely honest with you Dave. You will probably never use most of what you learn in school.  In fact, school is like a complex form of daycare. Our education system was made for you to conform to societal rules at a young age. Most teachers will say otherwise. Not because they want to lie to you, but because they want you to stay in school. Not out of spite, but out of love for students. You will learn things here. However, they are notions you did not expect to assimilate. You will mature. You will learn how to adapt and organize yourself. You will make friends and master communication skills. You may think that going against the current is a smart move. You may think that you are better than everyone here and that you have already mastered all these notions. Telling yourself that you can do everything your own way and much faster, but believe me when I tell you that you are wrong. We teachers have lived through what you are living now and we simply want what is best for you even if you do not see it at the moment. Appreciate your education and find a use for it even if that may seem impossible. Now, If you still believe your own path to be better, I simply demand one thing of you. Do not follow it alone. We live in a large society. We prosper together. Do not go against the current. Follow it. Push it forward. Become a positive leader for your friends and fellow students. Never sequester yourself. Never act alone.

– Woah… okay.. Well thank you mister Narchay.


Lifehack #1 One life

Listen up everyone! or better said, read up everyone! I am going to change the pacing and the style of this series. This guide should not be focused on my writing prowess or even on philosophical aspects of life. My goal here is to make you laugh (at me or with me), to make you understand my thoughts and enjoy yourself… to help you live a happier lifestyle. So no more fancy words and no more retrospective bullshit. Now, lets dive into this chapter!

Lifehack: how to live more with a one stock life!

Yup, you read correctly. I know a way for you to potentially live and experience an incredible amount of things that you could simply not accomplish in a single lifetime. It is pretty simple to do. Here is how:

Firstly, listen when people talk about stuff.

And that’s it. That’s all the steps you need to follow to live more with a limited amount of time. Pretty simple right? Wrong! It is harder than you might think. Now some of you probably think I’m stupid when I say that wasting your time listening to others is supposed to help you live more. In fact, it does sound contradictory… but it isn’t. Here is a concrete example of how it could help you:

You’re at your friends house and he keeps rambling on and on about this shitty situation that happened to him today. Now you have 2 options (if you’re a decent human being, there are a lot of other options if you are a bag of shit). First option: you listen intently (acting like the great friend he/she thinks you are); you even might try to console and help that person (but lets not go overboard here, most of us are not that nice). Second option: you ask yourself if you really need to listen to all this negativity while he/she talks and talks; you already have your own life to deal with. In this option, you will probably feign comprehension; nod your head once in a while (lets face it, you would probably lose your friend when he/she discovered how selfish you’ve been!). Now, both options have some merit and their own uses. Here’s the twist. A week later, you are confronted with the same shitty situation your friend was rambling about, only, this time, you are the victim. If you followed option numero uno, you’re good to go. You know exactly what to do because you’ve already solved the issue with your friend. In this scenario, you “wasted” time in a conversation with your friend that probably helped him out and ultimately saved you from all the anxiety and problems the same problem would have caused you. Win Win. Lets see how option 2 would pan out. Yeah, awesome, you did not waste an entire evening listening to your friend and letting his negativity affect your life. However, now you’re faced with a problem that you do not know how to deal with. You live through the consequences (plus some added regret; whispers in your head saying: you should’ve listened to him you egotistical bastard!).

I do understand that this might never happen. I do understand that this scenario is pretty specific. However, I find that there is no negative outcome of listening intently to your friends, family, coworkers, hell… people in general. You’re going to live so much more if you take the time to listen intently to others. If someone takes the time to talk to you. Hear them out and analyze what information they are offering you! Here is a list of all you will gain if you do.

  1. Solutions to problems that may arise in your own life (yes, like the example I just gave you, you’re so perceptive! Look at you already improving yourself). Here’s another example.
    • Ex: You’re talking to a friend again: Your relationship is awful, poor you dude. Wait, you left her? How did you do that? How did it work out for you? What would you have done differently? Any regrets? Oh wow, I just realized I’m in a toxic relationship too. Let me just apply everything I’ve learned from you so that I don’t suffer as you did. Thanks bro. What a happy coincidence! The first guy could talk about his problems and be listened (first win) and the second did not have to suffer as much when he applied everything he had learned (second win!).
  2. Experience things that you might have never lived
    • Ex: Wow! You went to Japan? How was it? What did you do there? Did you enjoy yourself? We both know you’ll probably never go to Japan. But, now, you’ve lived through a shadow of that awesome trip; a small experience of what it was like. In addition, you’ve made someone happy because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love talking about their amazing trips?
  3. Learning stuff
    • This one is kind of obvious for anyone who has had to suffer through North-American education. You can learn a lot by listening to people but not simply from teachers, tutors or mentors. Everyone around you has something to offer. You can also analyse people: Oh wow, that guy is so dumb! This other guy is so charismatic! Stop and consider what gave you this impression. Copy the things you’ve enjoyed seeing in others and try to avoid the things that you’ve disliked (odds are that if you like or don’t like certain mannerisms, you’re probably not the only one. Copy the ones you like and prevent yourself from doing the ones you despise!).
  4. Sharing happiness
    • I will probably talk about the contagiousness of happiness in later posts. However, here is a brief overview of the concept. We all know how fast smiles can spread. In fact, you don’t even need to know the cause of a smile to smile yourself. If you see a man laughing on the bus (or anywhere for that matter), you’re instinct is to smile or even laugh. You might appreciate the fact that this person is enjoying himself or you might simply be a dick and find him stupid for laughing in public. In both cases, you’re probably smiling or laughing (with him or at him) and then the happiness chain will continue with you.
    • We do not need a reason for smiling or to simply be happy, but, when we do, it will be more profound. It will be an earnest (synonym of sincere… sorry, I know I promised I would try to not use big words… but they are so pretty) happiness. If you know the cause of your conversation partner’s happiness, you might be more inclined to empathize with him and feel a portion of that person’s joy. It will be a greater and longer lasting happiness. Of course, this only works if you are capable of empathy/sympathy (sorry for all you robots reading this).

Ultimately, if you follow this lifehack, you will have lived part of everything everyone around you has experienced. You won’t have to suffer as much because you will be ready for certain problems before they ever happen to you. You will discover more and in a much faster way. Learning from your mistakes is a long process and implies that you will have to make many  mistakes yourself. What if you learn from the mistakes of everyone one around you instead? Isn’t that much better? No pain and all the gain, I say fuck yeah I’m in. Plus, there is the small but incredible bonus of sharing and spreading happiness! Stop living your own life your own way and take advantage of the fact that we live in a connected society. Lets share our progress and not simply our pain.



The Happy Man

Every morning, he walked around town, waving and smiling at everyone he crossed. Many laughed at him and others simply judged him in silence. They gave him many names: The clueless dreamer, the silent drunk, the happy dimwit…

One day, the richest man alive crossed paths with the happy man. The former was late for an important deal with his clients. He was pressed for time but could not help himself but stare at the smiling man that stood before him. The happy man waved.

–  Do I know you? asked the rich man

The happy man shrugged as a sign of confusion. Unsure of the answer. Unsure of the meaning of the question. The wealthy man starred at him. He analysed him from top to bottom. The ragged man in front of him wore stained an torn clothing. He had no other apparent possessions; no sign of wealth.

–  Why do you have such a tremendous smile? You are poor! You have nothing!

The poor man starred at him with concerned eyes. The rich man started to wonder. Why did this man continue to smile? The happy man had nothing while he, on the other hand, had everything money could purchase. Why was it that the man in front of him was the one smiling while he could not remember the last time he was happy. It seemed like he never stopped feeling anxious and pressured… empty.

The happy man took off his shirt and handed it to the rich man. A gift? Received without effort? The rich man put it on, the gift from a man who seemingly had nothing to give. He understood that he was missing something in his life; something intangible. Something he could not buy. His lips curled. He returned a smile to the happy man as the latter walked away.

The next day, the smartest man alive came to town. He too crossed paths with the happy man. As he walked past him, he stopped and starred at his smile. Curiosity, the pillar of is intelligence, got the best of him. He had to ask:

– Why are you so happy?

The happy man looked at him unflinchingly as tireless questions filled the smart man’s head. The man that stood in front of him did not seem to understand a thing. Did he understand the question? Did he understand anything? Did he ask himself any questions? Did he not possess a shred of curiosity? Did he already find the answers to all his questions?

A glimpse of concern flickered in the happy man’s eyes. Did this man understand his troubles? The burden of his unending curiosity? Suddenly he started to fling his arms around reaching for his armpits. He screamed and made monkey noises. He acted like a baboon in the middle of the street. Bystanders starred awkwardly yet the smart man burst into uncontrollable laughter. A profound cacophony of joy that he had not appreciated for some time now. He thanked the happy man as they both walked away.

On the third day, the greatest leader alive came into town. He too met the happy man and could not help but wonder why this man was so relaxed and content. The leader had acquired the respect of numerous nations. He had united people  and accomplished various other great deeds. He had achieved all he wanted to achieve, but he could never be satisfied. He never stopped. He had to be the best, the greatest and the most generous. Why was he not allowed to live peace and happiness?

– How do you live without respect? How are you happy while accomplishing nothing?

The happy man slowly walked towards the important leader. He held out his arms and hugged him. The leader had never enjoyed this kind of comfort. He accepted the gesture and a smile crept up on his face. He was allowed a small break; a brief moment of respite. For all the respect he had received, he had never welcomed love into his life.

The happy man walked away and he continued walking… his smile, impervious to external judgement… his mood, immune to greed… his mind, protected from unending questions… his soul… exempt from sadness.

The Soldier


Image result for soldier at front doorThe soldier walked back home. Home… such a distant memory. It has been so long since he last came here. He stepped up to his front door. He stared blankly at it, unable to make a move. Should he knock, or should he enter? Does he still belong here? Is he still welcome?


He spent his life with the army. Fighting wars upon wars. Defending the helpless. Attacking the corrupt. The strong always preyed on the weak. He had to be strong for them. No one else could. No one else would. However, the wars never stopped. The corruption spread. Was he making a difference or were all of his efforts pointless?


He entered. His family rejoiced; tears in their eyes, smiles on their faces. They embraced him, as a savior, as a revenant. They had changed. Everything had changed. They were old. Wrinkles cracked on their faces. He did not know them anymore. Had he changed also? Was this is real family?


He had made his own family in the army. Brothers in arms. He would sacrifice anything for them as some did for him. Their memories would never fade from his spirit. Scars that would never heal. A brotherhood of selflessness and sacrifice. 


He tried to make a living but he didn’t know how. He had learned so many skills, yet none of them were of any use to him. This society had so many rules and restrictions; things he had forgotten over the years.


Rules don’t apply to soldiers. Rules get you killed in war.


His friends found love and founded families. He envied them. He did not remember how to fall in love. His friends had it all figured out. The soldier had never felt so alone.


A soldier could not love. Love was weakness. A soldier could not be loved as he could not keep promises.


He felt constricted by time. Time he had used on a pointless venture. Time he wished he had spent on himself as all others seemed to do. He still could not find a purpose to guide him. Something that would drive him. He was haunted by his past, tormented by his troubles, sadened by loneliness and pressured by his lost time.


He quit the army. Hoping to find a new purpose. Hoping… that it was not too late.


Still, the soldier searches… for a goal, for something to bring him happiness, to bring him closure. He knows he will find it. All he can do is rise from this point. In his heart of hearts, he knows he willd still amount to greatness.


Image result for time fading

Have you ever felt as if you we’re standing still, captivated by an influx of missed opportunities? 

I am standing tall, above myself, a god of my own choosing, a maker of my own reality. I have all this power, yet I do not have the strength to move… to act. I have lived. I have learned. I have smiled and I have cried. However, when I remember the past, I do not recall these moments. I can only consider what I have missed, what I should have done. Is it regret that restrains me?

Time may be infinite, but mine is not. I feel as if I have wasted so much of it. It is a heavy concept that weighs on me. As I mature and tend to make better decisions or seize better opportunities; time seems to move faster out of spite. As if it relishes my misery. As if it does not want to give me a try at happiness.

I look around and see all these happy people, gods of their own little worlds. Why don’t they worry and regret? Have they made all the right choices? Are they immortal? 
Why can they enjoy their time when I cannot? What do they have that I do not? What do they know that I do not…

Here I stand, wasting my time thinking of wasted time. Withering away with grief. I am missing something. Some piece of information that may guide me to happiness. Something that others have found but still eludes me. Will time, in all its spite, give me respite. How much time will it lend me to find this missing piece?

How much time will there be left for me to enjoy it?


Image result for rules

Rules are important. You may feel as if they restrain your every decision. However, you should view them as guidelines towards a Utopian future. We need to follow some rules for everyone to have a chance at happiness. Keep in mind that this is my life’s philosophy and may not be as objective as I would hope! I am no Gandhi and do not pretend to be. Nevertheless, my goal is still to spread happiness across our world.

Rule #1 Consider the past, present and future.

People often say forget the past and don’t think of the future; Live in the present. As good as that saying may sound, it lacks a bit of depth! I agree that we should maybe stop worrying about our past. Yet, we should not forget it. We need to learn from our past mistakes to better ourselves, to never make the same errors. We need to experience things to know what we enjoy and what we dislike. We’ve all been sad… and, yes, it sucks… but we need sadness nonetheless. Without it, happiness would become boring, it would become normality. However, sad moments only need to be lived once. Do not let your past haunt you. If you recall a desolate moment, use it to your advantage. Remember the mistakes you’ve made and promise yourself that you will never make them again. Move forward; never backwards.

Other people may spend an excessive amount of time fretting about the future and all its mystery. Anxiety affects us all. What if I fail the test? What if they laugh at my presentation? What if I can’t succeed? What if… You should not worry about the future. I know it might seem impossible for some. Do not waste your time on uncontrollable outcomes. Do not stress about possible outcomes. When you project yourself in a possible future, simply think of what would make you happier; what you should reach for. Think of everything you have to do to achieve that happiness. Do not let things that have not yet come to pass negatively affect you. Negative emotions should only be lived in the present. They should only be lived once for every instance they occur.

Rule #2 Risk versus Reward

We all want everything right away! We want immediate happiness without considering subsequent consequences! Damn millennials right? We’ve been spoiled by technology and all it offers. Swift happiness and satisfaction is easy enough to find. Hell, we all have our guilty pleasures in life. Watching television, playing video games, eating, jogging… they can all help us feel better, but will these activities negatively impact our lives in the near future? If I eat this entire bag of chips, will my happiness outweigh the guilt that I will suffer through later on? If I spend the night playing video games or watching television and postpone all my other tasks, will I be penalized in any way?

Everyone’s happiness is singular and unique. You must evaluate the consequences of your choices before going through with them. The more you can consider the risk a reward may entail, the better your life will be. As you  master this skill, you will find that happiness will be easier to find. Remorse and anxiety will become rarities.

Rule #3 Others

Many people may forget this rule, yet I suspect it is the most important.  Humanity has always prospered as we came together and formed different societies. We strive for human contact. We thrive in groups and slowly decay when subjected to loneliness. This implies that your actions will probably affect the lives of others! We are all connected in some way. However, your happiness should never negatively affect others. Again, think about your actions and their consequences before moving forward. Example: Boasting about a promotion may make you feel good, but, if you keep bragging, people may get annoyed or they may even feel sad whilst considering their own meager accomplishments.

There is no finite amount of happiness. It is not first come, first served. Happiness is not taken from others, it is shared. Lets all think of others as we gather it!

*** These rules may seem ambiguous for now but they will become clearer as this series continues***

The Magician


The street was barred by a mass of people. My first thought, egotistical as it may sound: Damn, I’m gonna be late again. I never bothered to wonder why this mass had gathered. I simply hated them for depriving me of my normal routine.

I pushed and shoved through the crowd. They clamored and cheered, barely noticing the angry man amidst them. I finally dug through them and viewed what entertained them so.

He stood tall, wearing a classical black tuxedo enriched with a dark bow-tie. His charisma was mesmerizing. He performed a magic trick, then another, and then another. Time stopped. He had caught my undivided attention. His hands and his mouth told a story to captivate his audience. Conversely, his eyes told another.

What is the future of a man that has fulfilled his dreams?  Most kids dream of becoming a magician and this showman had become one of the finest. Well known and rich; what else could he reach for, strive for. What happens once we’ve accomplished all our goals? This man must be the saddest among all of us, yet his eyes showed no sign of sorrow. They glimmered with… hope?

Then, as if to answer my unending questions, he showed me what he had chosen to do with his life. He pointed to someone in the crowd. A young kid advanced eagerly to meet him. The magician gave him one of his deck of cards. He whispered in the child’s ears. He told him how to perform one of his tricks. A smile grew on his face. It spread. It was contagious. I had never seen such jubilation in a child before. The crowd cheered and applauded. I heard a sound come from my lower body: “clap” “clap”. There I stood. The angry man, clapping, smiling… happy.

If you’ve accomplished your goals and think that you’ve completed your journey. Do not despair. Do not stop searching. You can always find solace in generating happiness around you, in helping others achieve their own dreams.




The Inumerable Questions

What is your goal in life?

  • Is it to be the best at everything?
  • Is it to have an insane amount of friends and followers?
  • Is it to find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
  • Is it to precede your every action with the famous phrase: YOLO?

Whatever you think your goal is, I believe it can be generalized to searching for happiness. We all strive for different things, but when it comes down to it, we all want to feel happy.

I have realized, over my few years of existence, that you may doubt everything in life; even your own existence! What if you are in fact a robot? What if you are a program and only follow a line of code without knowing it; living a life predetermined by somebody else? We can question everything we want, even if there exists an incredible amount of evidence that proves the contrary.

I am not saying that I disagree with Descartes who wrote: Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am. What I am trying to say is: Who gives a shit? The real questions you should ask yourself are the following:

Can I feel happiness? Yes (hopefully)
Isn’t feeling happy the best? Yes (hopefully)
What brings me happiness? Eating ice cream
Should I maybe do that more often? No shit

Then put aside your unceasing doubts, your complete denial and your creeping depression and embark on the best journey of your life: Finding your own happiness.

***It may not be as simple as that and I will go into further detail about all these aspects in this series. For example, you should not eat an infinite amount of ice cream to gain an infinite amount of happiness because everything can have drawbacks. In this example, you would likely die and therefore not be happy anymore. You could also become obese and not like the way that you look anymore. Therefore, blaming ice cream for this newfound problem. Consequently, never enjoying the sugary cold taste of this dessert anymore. This is an example of how your quest for happiness may evolve over time and experience.***

My goal in this series of posts is to make you understand how simple it is to disregard all the negativity in your lives and focus on the things that make you happy.

***Note for all the naysayers out there. I generalize happiness. For me, happiness is found whenever you feel a small tingle inside, an excitement that was hidden from you. Happiness is found when a smile creeps up on your face and curls up the corners of your lips. It is uncontrollable. Love, accomplishment, pride, fun, passion… they are all things that make you feel happy. They are all the things we should strive for in our lives and they are unique for everyone.***


The Right Path

I feel lost in darkening woods. Dimming moonlight shines through branches. Many paths lay before me and within them, trails begin without end. My eyes flicker. They are all so beautiful. My gaze turns from one to the next. An array of choices lay before me.

I stare at the first, to my left. I suddenly feel empowered; confident. As if I could accomplish anything. I sense that pride and self-accomplishment stand at the end of this path, yet loneliness is there also.

I gaze at the second; many trails spread from this one, small and big. All of them assorted with specific values paired with emotions. A path of selflessness. Generosity and happiness; education and fulfillment; learning and growth; exploration and fascination; activities and joy. However, loneliness still stands in the distance. His arms welcoming me.

I look at the last, to my right. It is by far the most beautiful. Colors I have never seen; indescribable. They seem to come together and intertwine. I feel overwhelmed by happiness and comfort as if I would not be alone if I were to walk this path.

I am submerged with hesitation; What if I can never turn back? What if forgotten choices offered more? What of my wasted time and efforts? Doubt haunts my decision. I close my eyes; take a deep breath. Conviction guiding my steps, I enter the third path. Not with hope for hope does not promise happiness. I will never know if this path was the best amongst my choices. Yet, I do not regret my decision. I have chosen the third path for whatever may lie ahead, I will not face it alone. If sadness, disappointment or remorse were ever to torment me, I would simply have to stare into its beauty to make them go away. I have choses the third path, because I have already decided that I will make my own trails in these woods. I will not abide by their laws. However, I know that if I am ever lost, I will always find those beautiful colors in the darkness.